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Locked Out? Get Back Into Your Vehicle with Our Lockout Service

For vehicle lockout service by Elite Towing & Recovery LLC, simply contact us in Cranberry or Leetsdale for prompt service. Elite Towing & Recovery LLC has the tools and experience to help you get back into your vehicle. Our experienced team provides vehicle lockout services for motorists throughout Pittsburgh’s northern boroughs and surrounding areas.

Call Elite Towing & Recovery LLC in Leetsdale (724) 266-5044 or (724) 776-3433 (Cranberry Township) today for our towing services.

We Meet By Accident

We Meet By Accident

Locked Out of Your Vehicle? We Can Get You Back Inside

Lockouts happen to nearly every driver, and being locked out of your vehicle is no joke. Lockout situations happen in a variety of locations:

  • On the way to work or an appointment
  • While out running errands
  • Along the side of the road
  • Parking lots, gas stations, and delivery/pickup areas

Lockouts happen at the most inconvenient times, too. It can be especially critical if there is a young child or a pet along for the ride.

Accidental Lockouts Are a Specialty for Elite Towing & Recovery LLC

Our slogan says it all, “We Meet By Accident.” While maybe not as serious as a car crash, accidental lockouts are one of the ways we serve area motorists. Vehicle lockouts are one of our specialties, and we consider it our responsibility to get drivers back into their vehicles.

With a call to Elite Towing Recovery LLC, our technicians can help when a lockout occurs. As part of our towing services, we have to get into some difficult vehicle situations. We have the tools and equipment to handle lockouts safely and effectively. Contact us today for our lockout services, and for more information about any of the services we provide.

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