Abandoned Car Towing
Serving the Northern Boroughs of Pittsburgh, PA & Surrounding Areas

Elite Towing & Recovery LLC Removes Abandoned Cars with Towing

Our experienced technicians at Elite Towing & Recovery LLC offer abandoned car towing throughout the region. Serving the northern boroughs of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, we help keep roads clear of abandoned vehicles. We have the experience to remove abandoned cars safely and effectively.

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Parking at a Premium: Towing Abandoned Cars

Drivers who abandon their cars do so often without considering the local parking situation. They leave their abandoned cars for others to deal with. Some property owners are patient to a point, not knowing how soon someone may return.

In Pennsylvania, you can report vehicles left for more than 24 hours on private property that is accessible to the public. Not all driveways and alleyways are considered private property. Yet, it is this very type of inconvenient trespassing that causes others to call for removing abandoned cars. It can be critical for parking designated for handicapped drivers and those with mobility issues.

Business Parking and Tow-Away Notices

In addition to the residential parking aspects of abandoned cars, business owners must also occasionally deal with this problem. Businesses with parking lots will often post notices relating to vehicles left on their premises.

It is against the law in Pennsylvania to abandon vehicles. Those convicted of abandoning a car face a fine of $500 plus all costs of disposing the vehicle.

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