Towing in Ben Avon, PA

Call Us Today for Ben Avon, PA-Area Accident Scene Response Towing

Elite Towing & Recovery offers 24/7 towing in Ben Avon, PA and surrounding areas. We are a local towing company providing 24-hour emergency response towing services to drivers who need help at accident scenes. We are an insured and registered company with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and have the proper credentials to tow cars and other vehicles. Our trained and licensed technicians are Towing and Recovery Association of America (TRAA) certified. Elite Towing & Recovery offers roadside help, such as jump starts and flat tire change services. Elite Towing is a full-service towing company. We offer services for lockouts, abandoned cars, and vehicle transport.

Call us 24/7 at (724) 266-5044 or (724) 776-3433 to get responsive towing in Ben Avon, PA.

Emergency Towing, Tire Change, Lock Out, and Jump Start Services

We are a family owned and operated towing company serving the greater Pittsburgh area since 2000. We provide emergency services 24/7. Our services include towing, tire changes, lockouts, and jump starts. If you need any of these services, we are here for you.

Elite Towing & Recovery LLC Provides 24/7 Towing in Ben Avon, PA

At Elite Towing & Recovery LLC, we understand you might feel overwhelmed by needing towing in Ben Avon, PA. Few drivers expect to need emergency towing, but “we meet by accident.” We do not offer mechanical repair, but compensate by providing professional towing services. Let Elite Towing & Recovery LLC help you feel more at ease by providing professional towing in Ben Avon, PA.